Landauer Art - Artist Bios

Caryn Landauer

Owner / Artist

It seems I have always been an artist. I come from a family of artists, each of us using different mediums.  I have been involved with some form of creativity since I was very young, whether it was photography, painting, or poetry.

Painting is a way of expressing myself. My paintings change constantly.  Depending on a particular day, depending on a feeling, a thought, an observation; the colors and style may change in major ways; sometimes even looking so different that one would not know they were created by the same painter.

 I like working with acrylics best.  I like to play with layers and layer of different colors and see the outcome.

 I enjoy abstract art since, for me, it is a release, a necessity.

Ruth Landauer

Owner / Artist

My paintings are about color, contrast, patterns and design, lights and darks.  They are about the surprises that occur from layering colors and shapes so that each layer plays a part in the finished work. Each painting evolves as the shapes and interplay of color create a unified and exciting whole.  Acrylics and pastels are my favorite mediums because they lend themselves to this type of experimental work.

I hope to create a painting that keeps drawing the observer to it because there is always a new discovery to be made.  It might be individual parts of the painting where something interesting is happening or it might be the painting as a whole.  It is for the observer to decide.

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